Prendimi per mano

My photographic journey, although young, is characterized by a choice of perspective: choice to cross the boundary between inside and outside, including the transcription of my personal experience and the representation of other’s reality. The desire to realize a photographic project was born from the personal need to put myself in a given reality. The need to discover deeper aspects of this reality and discover which ones of these is reflected inside me. The photograph is not only a way of expression but it’s a useful identity research tool, an effective narrative instrument and also instrument of the social survey.

Thanks to a farrier friend who I photographed during the course of his work, I had the luky opportunity to get closer to the fascinating world of hippotherapy and become aware of the reality of “Villa Buon Respiro”. A discovery that has given me the urge to tell in pictures the complex and beneficial interaction between man and horse starting from the description of the therapeutic activities.

The “prendimi per mano” project therefore has the aim of spreading the value of hippotherapy through a daily experience of sharing and of profound exchange with human patients.