Nessuno è solo

Of the twelve monasteries wanted by St. Benedict in Subiaco valley, the only survived at the
earthquakes and saracen destruction was that of Santa Scolastica, which was the only monastery of Subiaco until the end of the twelfth century.

Santa Scolastica’s monastery is located at east of Subiaco, 510 meters high, and is disposed longitudinally and parallel to the valley where, for centuries, hermits and monks lived in contemplation and prayer earning the valley the name of “holy valley”.

I spent twenty days inside the monastery, I had the opportunity to live with a group of monks. I chose to live in the monastery according to their rules, schedules and living arrangements.

My photographic journey, although young, is characterized by a choice of perspective: that of crossing the boundary between the inside and the outside, between the transcription of my personal experience and the representation of others reality. The desire to create a photographic project stems from my own personal need to put myself in a given reality, to discover the deeper aspects and to peer into the inner aspects of me which are reflected in it.
Photography, beside being a mode of expression, is also a useful identity research tool and an effective narrative and investigation instrument.