Bojan Gomol

Mucék Bar

How to search and how to find something that is not there? Something that has been and because of the story no longer exists?
A base equal to the point of arrival, a city, a few faded memories and so many stories behind.

It all started meet Bojan Gomol.
Bojan ran away from their land, from their families and from a thought that has always been tight. Today he lives in Italy.
Since 2008 i photograph Bojan, because the photography is, for me at least, a choice; the strength of a man who chooses and who creates his own destiny.
It also represents a living testimony of a cross-section of history, a part, albeit small, of Europe.

Bojan was born in Ljubljana in 1952 and missing from his land for more than forty years.
Among his countless stories has always spoken to me of Ljubljana, this native home, the river, the streets, the bars, the statues and a great pride in their origins.
This is all I know.

I try to tell a story by following a simple line, leaving imagination about what is or what might be.

This series of photographs are part of a larger project, but every single part of the job has its own breath.

These photos are particular print of Matteo Alessandri.