Massimo Nicolaci (Catania, 1989)

Since 2006 he has attended several Obiettivo Granieri workshops: Lorenzo Castore (2006/2007), Michael Ackerman (2007/2008), Morten Andersen (2011).
From 2007 he began to collaborate with the Obiettivo Granieri association.
In 2008 he moved to Rome from Sicily.
From this moment he began to turn to Rome Termini Station.
He will call this work on the Ground Floor.
From 2008 he began to collaborate with the CameraOscura – Rome association (member from 2010 to 2014).
In the same year he began working at the Higher Institute of Photography and Integrated Communication (ISFCI) until 2010.
From summer 2008 he was co-teacher in the project “The country that photographs himself” in Granieri (Sicily – CT) – a project of Obiettivo Granieri.
On June 22nd 2009, one of the young photographers chose to participate in the reading of the “First Impression” portfolio organized by Magnum Photos in collaboration with the Photography Gallery in London.
In March 2010 he moved to New York.
At that time, he built a small photographic project called NYC.
In 2010 he made a fashion report for Mifur – Milan.
In 2011 he completed a report at the Equestrian Rehabilitation Center – Villa Buon Respiro – entitled Prendimi per mano.
He prefers wide-ranging work, including: Catania (since 2006), Rome (since 2008), Paris (2015/2017), Berlin (since 2009), New York (2010).
In autumn 2012 he realizes a report Nessuno è solo on the Monastery of Clausura of “Santa Scolastica” in Subiaco – Italy.
In 2013 he photographed the Conclave with Christopher Morris (agency VII) for Time Magazine in Rome.
In 2015 he is still a photographer in the new Alessandro Comodin film, “Happy time will come soon”.
In summer 2015 he contributed to the creation of LUCE (www.luce.works) in Rome.
Since 2008 he has worked closely with Lorenzo Castore.
Since 2010 he collaborates with Michael Ackerman (Camera Obscura Gallery – Paris).
From 2013 I started collaborating with Paolo Lecca (Image Color Correction).
Since 2015 she has been represented by the LUZ agency – Milan.
From 2015 to 2017 it is in the staff of TPW (Toscana Photography Workshops).
In July 2017, he published his first book LA CERVA BIANCA – La Biche Blanche published by LUCE and Shellac Sud.
In 2016 he moved to Paris.
From 2016 he began to collaborate with Paolo Verzone (Agence Vù – Paris).
Now he lives in Berlin.



2017 LA CERVA BIANCA – La Biche Blanche – Luce / Schellac Sud.



2009 UNNISI? – Contexts publisher – Obiettivo Granieri.
2009 FNAC in Translation – Cur’Art – IED Rome.
2009 MIFUR 2009 – Fashion report.

2015 FEVERPITCH – Nike publisher – Dazed.



2010 POSI + TIVE MAGAZINE – Ground Floor (web).
2011 MULL IT OVER – Ground Floor (web).
2011 THE MODERN SAFARI – Berlin01 (web).
2012 PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE MONTH by Obiettivo Granieri (web).
2013 PIZZA MAGAZINE – Any Given Sunday (paper).
2014 THE TRIP – He who sees everything in himself (paper).
2014 POSI + TIVE MAGAZINE – Take me by the hand (web).
2014 DAZED AND CONFUSED for NIKE FC – Fever Pitch – World Cup Brazil 2014 (web).
2014 ROLLING STONE – Behind the scenes of MotorHome (paper).
2016 POSI + TIVE MAGAZINE – Sicilia! (paper).
2018 ROLLING STONE – Afterhours #30 – Live concert in Milan (web and paper).

2019 BURN MAGAZINE – i Carusi (web).



2006 1 ° Sicilian Slide Circuit – FIAF.
2006 Collective show at Museo Traos – Ventimiglia Vizzini (CT)
2007 Collective show at Museo di Ville Storiche e Caltagirone in Sicilia.
2008 Collective show at “Living Rome” – Roma.
2009 Collective show “Dimensione massima 10×12 cm” by CameraOscura and 3/3 – Festival Internazionale di Fotografia a Roma.
2009 Collective show “FNAC in traduzione” – IART di CurArt – Roma.
2010 Solo Exhibithion “Ground Floor” – at gallery ST (Senza Titolo) curated by Annalisa D’Angelo – Roma.
2010 Collective show “Juicer”  – Roma.
2013 Collective show “Temps Zero” – Berlino.
2013 Collective show “romAnimale” – Roma.
2014 International Festival of Photography SCAN – Sezione SCANOFF – Tarragona (Spagna).
2015 Collective show “Siderare” – Roma – Progetto di LUCE.
2016 Collective show “Temps Zero” – Roma.
2016 Collective show “Forum Italia” – Arles.
2016 Collective show “Omnibus Circus” – Hôtel de Sauroy – Parigi.

2018 Solo exhibition “La Cerva Bianca” – Officine Fotografiche – Milano.

2019 Collective show “Raconte-moi une histoire. La jeune photographie italienne” – Italian Istitute of Culture – Paris.