La Cerva Bianca

La Cerva Bianca is a book from my work on set of I tempi felici verranno presto, the last film of Alessandro Comodin.
I was the photographer on set for two months and after the shoot I started to look to my pictures. From that moment was start to grow in me the idea to make a book. I wanted to follow the story of the white doe that I read on the script.
I asked to Tristan Bordmann (DOP on the set and illustrator) to try to go out from my pictures to make something magic.
After that Alessandro Comodin wrote a new version of the white doe for this book.


“Is an impossible love between the wolf and the doe. Every forty years born a white doe and the wolf is completely in love with her, but the nature don’t accept this kind of love and that’s why the wolf is a ferocious animal.”