2015 – 2017

This photography serie narrate a sojourn in Paris from 2015 to 2017.

I escaped from somewhere, from a place, for to find me or to test myself in a city that I didn’t know, where I can was only me and alone.

Paris was a desire but to live in Pigalle was a case, was a destiny, for my will to shoot photography, a perfect neighborhood for my urgence.

I lived everyday and all time the area, the streets, the bars, the residents.

I tried to be a resident of Pigalle, to be part of something that excited me.

Pigalle have a veiled romanticism very deep, take with him a long story about sex freedom and physical, is in the same moment the paradise and the hell.

I tried, I lived, to following this tracks. I shot without to take care but to following a red thread not always visible but that I found and in which I enjoyed myself.