These photographs are the result of a need. That need was to leave, to go away geographically and mentally.
In this escape, New York City as a destination.
I think that any destination could have been fine for my needs. But the idea of moving over the ocean helped me to stay totally away.I think there are several pictures of New York and also that there are very beautiful ones. Infact i didn’t feel like reporting the city. What i did was to cruise inside a city vortex from which you can’t escape and that you have to face.
I consider my photographs as visual notes, personal notes on my experience.
I walked almost every day throughout Manhattan, from china town to central park. Each day as if it was the first, as a new day to discover and write down.Technically, i used a simple camera. Then, in the printing step i tried to make up as much as possible the initial idea of the note, as if i wrote a notebook day by day.

These photos are particular print of Matteo Alessandri.