Ostiense Peoples – 2012

Ostiense: people, walls, places.

Photographic project born and realized for the event: Open House Roma.

[…] Front portraits, tight on the faces, eyes strict in the machine with which people can get immediately in relationship, in a shot. Directly hit, spontaneously, they seriously give themselves to a momentary relationship, without interferences. No questions, no answers. They just speak with their eyes, with the signs on their faces, often signs of a difficult life, of far away things. We find them one near the other, in a row, at our high just like if they where in front of us. And we notice them only because the strength of discovery by Massimo is highlighted and this increases the interest. Common faces, yes, but rarely visible. People of the neighborhood to search behind a corner, not in the middle of a street. […]

Curated by Lavinia Collodel

Photographes printed with technique Amos/© Andrea Mosso/CAMERAOSCURA

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