In the middle of nowhere

“In the middle of nowhere” is mainly a state of mind.
Many times i don’t feel to be part of what’s around me, from my homeland, my present, my profession and up to my own face.
Such a state of mind makes it seem as if everything is right and wrong. What you live seems to be right but after a short time you must start again.
Basically it’s like living a life that does not follow a clear path, the only common thread is my state of mind and my emotions … the experience, that’s what is missing!
The camera comes with me every day. Sometimes it’s my salvation, as a protection, and sometimes it’s my downfall.
The photograph is a cause of movement, the reason to write everything without thinking too much, without hurting my feelings.

These photographs were taken from 2006 to present. They’re the result of an instant need with the intention to catch a lived experience.
Inside them there is everything: my family, my loves, friends, strangers … everything. Everything that is related to my direct experience.